fun fact: i’ve never seen this movie

So I’m totally stealing this tag from HardbackHoarder on youtube and she got it from Nina Testa.

1. Many people gather for groundhog but you dont understand why……What is a book everyone gathers around hyping, but you dont understand why?

  • Me Before You! I read it a couple months ago and it was just an alright book? It didn’t break my heart like I was expecting it to and honestly I’ve forgotten a lot of what happened so..

2. The famous groundhog predicts the weather….. A book you find predictable?

  • We Were Liars… I know everyone says they were shocked by the plot twist but I somehow was able to guess it pretty early on in the book and that just took out all enjoyment while reading it.

3. Phil the groundhog is said to never die and have the power to predict weather….. A book dealing with a mythological creature?

  • Rampant by Diana Peterfreund. All I remember about this story is there are unicorns and the main character kills the unicorns. And for some reason in order to see the unicorns you have to be a virgin? I think there was a reason I found this in a bargain bin tbh

4. In the movie groundhog day Bill Murray relives the same day several times…….A book dealing with living a day over and over or time travel??

  • Before I Fall is very much Groundhog Day themed. I kind of want to rewatch the movie now…

5. Punxsutawney phil is from a tiny town in Pennsylvania….A book based in a small town?

  • I just completely looked over all of my books trying to think of one that had a small town and could not find one. Like… I was completely ignoring my huge Twilight collection. Come on, Forks is literally one of the most popular small towns in a book ever and I totally forgot about it? Fake fan.

If you do this tag please leave a link in the comments! I’d love to see what books you choose 🙂


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