2017 – Week 1

Wow my blog has been.. dead. I got an email for some posts I signed up for months ago and I was like, oh yeah, I have a blog still. The end of 2016 was just kind of weird and I really let this blog sit dormant for too long. So to hopefully get me posting more and on a regular basis in 2017, I’m going to make weekly posts just talking about what I did that week. Mostly re: reading, but I may talk about shows I’ve been watching too. You may remember my WWW Wednesday posts and this is something similar but with less structure? Hopefully that’ll make it less repetitive.

January 1 – January 7

The very first book I read this year was the New Moon graphic novel. Volume 1 of course because we’re still waiting on any news about volume 2. I was reading the Twilight graphic novels on NYE to help me reach my reading goal, which it did! So then at midnight I was ready for the New Moon GN and I flew through it.


Later that day after I got some much needed sleep, I started on Too Late by Colleen Hoover. My gosh… this was a very powerful book. It was tough to get through though. Some of the events started to make me physically sick to be honest but Colleen’s writing is incredible. Shoutout to all of the people who read it when it was posted on wattpad because that would have stressed me out so bad.

Right now I’m reading Thirteen Reasons Why. I love this book so much so when I heard there was going to be a 10th anniversary edition I got sooo excited. I’ve found lately that when I re-read books, I like to listen to the audiobook instead. I wish I’d listened to 13RW the first time I read it because this audiobook is fantastic.

As for shows, I started rewatching Sherlock before I start the new season. It’s so weird knowing there’s going to be more than one episode in one year. How long has it even been since season 3 ended? Like 2 years? Anyways that’s where I’m currently at. I still have the last episode of season 3 and then the special episode and I can start watching season 4 finally!


And last but not least… I am officially SKAM Trash. Around the beginning of December I saw a video on youtube about Isak and it looked good so I looked it up and for some reason I was under the impression that each season had a completely different cast? So I just wanted to watch the season Isak was on. I wish I’d known otherwise and started with season 1 but it doesn’t really change anything expect for the fact that, within one month, I’ve seen season 3 three times, and I’m currently watching season 1 for the third time. I’m not saying I’m obsessed but I’m obsessed.


Overall the first week of 2017 has been pretty great. Already a huge improvement on last year. Hopefully all of you are enjoying the new year!



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