Musing Mondays – 10/10/2016


Musing Mondays is hosted at Books And A Beat, where a certain question is asked every week. This week’s question: Can you recall a time when you weren’t an avid reader?

I can very clearly remember the time I went from not a reader… to someone who was always reading.

6th grade. Spring break. I was incredibly bored. I don’t think we had cable or internet? What else is a 12 year old supposed to do at this point except pick up one of her mom’s VC Andrews books? I’m glad I went for Ruby instead of something extremely traumatic like Flowers in the Attic. I don’t think my 12 year old self would have been able to handle that. But yeah Ruby was the first book I ever thoroughly enjoyed. I read nearly half of it that first night. For the longest time all I read was the same 3 VC Andrews series and then Twilight and I would continually just cycle through those. That was such an easy time. I had one tiny bookshelf, my TBR was nonexistent. And now I’ve read so many new books and I love it ❤


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