Musing Mondays – 10/3/2016


Musing Mondays is hosted at Books And A Beat, where a certain question is asked every week. This week’s question: What is your worst habit as a reader?

A little side note before I answer the question – The last time I did a musing mondays post the question was ‘What sequel do you have yet to read?‘ and my answer was Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. Since then I’ve finished the whole series so yay!! Go me!!

Okay but onto this week’s question… My worst habit as a reader? Probably starting a book, read maybe 5 to 10 pages at a time. And then a week later finish the whole book in one sitting. Like I feel I could read more if I just finished the book within the first few days instead of procrastinating but I guess that’s also one of my worst habits in general.

Another habit is with my bookmarks. I always bend them while I read without really thinking about it. But then by the time I’m finished with the book, the bookmark is falling apart or torn in half. That’s why I never really use the bookmarks that authors send out. I always use like cheap ones from the library or even just a plain notecard. Lately though I’ve been getting back into cross stitching and I’ve made a few bookmarks. Those definitely don’t tear in half but they are a bit bulky sometimes.

What are some of your bad habits as a reader? I’d love to know! Leave a comment 🙂


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