Review x2 – Everlasting + Everafter by Elizabeth Chandler



Title: Everlasting

Author: Elizabeth Chandler

Originally Published: March 6th 2012

Format: Paperback

Pages: 308

Rating: 3/5 stars

Ivy should be ecstatic that her formerly-dead boyfriend Tristan is back on earth with her, but the life of a fallen angel is never easy. Tristan has been cast down in the body of a murderer, and the police are after him. Now, there’s only one way that he and Ivy can be together: they must clear him of the murder.

But when it becomes clear that there are darker forces at work, and Tristan and Ivy are still paying the price for Ivy’s miraculous survival of the car crash, these starcrossed lovers have more at stake than ever before. And one of them may not be alive much longer….


Title: Everafter

Author: Elizabeth Chandler

Originally Published: March 19th 2013

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 258

Rating: 2/5 stars

It seems the odds are forever against Ivy and her fallen angel. Tristan is still trapped in the body of an accused murderer, and as the two star-crossed lovers try to clear his name, they must battle the dark forces that would keep them apart and destroy them both. The danger is especially great for Tristan since, as a fallen angel, death would mean losing his soul. It’s up to Ivy to save the one she loves and, hopefully, find a way for the two of them to be together…for all eternity.

Okay so the first 3 books were written in the 90s and while I read them in like 2009 I still pictured all the characters and settings as if it were the 90s. Then the last three books in the series were written after 2010 and it completely through me off because suddenly there were cell phones and ipads and Google maps. That was a little hard to adjust to but I can see why it was necessary for the author to not continue on with the same time frame.

Other than that I was pretty much flying through these last two books. Chandler writes a mystery so perfectly. I remember when I read Kissed by an Angel and had no clue who the bad guy was. It was a bit easier to know who not to trust in these ones but still written to where I couldn’t be 100% sure. Plus there was a couple different plotlines that kept it really interesting.

However… the ending was such a huge disappointment. I’ve been in love with Tristan and Ivy’s relationship since page 1 and the ending didn’t seem to be such a happy ending. It didn’t feel justified I guess? Basically it just felt like a waste of 6 books and I think the original trilogy would’ve sufficed.

tl;dr – Give the original trilogy a read if you’re into a really G-rated romance mixed into a murder mystery which also has angels. Don’t continue onto the next book if you’re satisfied with how Soulmates ends.


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